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Bar Soap
Our 120 gram / 4oz and 150 gram /5oz bar soaps are made using traditional cold process soap making methods. Each bar is unique, and is formulated using all natural vegetable oils, natural and artificial colorants and fragrances, come in a wide range of wonderful scents. These handcrafted soaps not only cleanse, but also soften and moisturize as you latter up.
Peppermint and Oat Double Mint Cinnamon and Clove
Soap weight: 4oz/120g
Price: $5.50
Soap weight: 5oz/150g
Price: $6.50
Soap weight: 4oz/120g
Price: $5.50
LEMON/ORANGE Lavender LemonGrass Patchouli
Soap weight: 4oz/120g
Price: $5.50
Soap weight: 4oz/120g
Price: $5.50
Soap weight: 4oz/120g
Price: $5.50
Unscented Unscented with Flakes Blue Bubble Gum
Soap weight: 4oz/120g
Price: $5.50
Soap weight: 4oz/120g
Price: $5.50
Soap weight: 4oz/120g
Price: $5.50
Natural Bubble Gum Bonsai Citrus Ginger Cranberry
Soap weight: 4oz/120g
Price: $5.50
Soap weight: 5oz/150g
Price: $6.50
Soap weight: 5oz/150g
Price: $6.50
Mango Papaya Passsion Fruit Cucumber
Soap weight: 4oz/120g
Price: $5.50
Soap weight: 4oz/120g
Price: $5.50
Soap weight: 4oz/120g
Price: $5.50
Pomegranate Tahitian Vanilla Goat Milk
Soap weight: 4oz/120g
Price: $5.50
Soap weight: 5oz/150g
Price: $6.50
Soap weight: 5oz/150g
Price: $6.50
Bamboo Teak vital for men Laundry Soap
Soap weight: 4oz/120g
Price: $5.50
Soap weight: 4oz/120g
Price: $5.50
Soap weight: 4oz/120g
Price: $5.50



Our shampoo, handmade from scratch, 100% natural is enriched with high quality oils such as Coconut, Olive, Castor, Palm and Cocoa Butter. These oils create a very unique and gentle cleaning shampoo for different kinds of hair. This is an exellent choice for children and for those with normal, dry and sensitive scalp or dandruff problem. This natural shampoo cleans and detoxifies hair, opens scalp pores and hair follicies. Shampoo can can be safely used on your animal friend too.
It is Chemical free!


Lemon, Orange, Litsea, Lavender, Geranium, Peppermint, Rosemary

Coconut Oil – is moisturizing, gives fluffy lather

Olive Oil – rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins plus essential fatty acids

Castor Oil – good for a brittle, damaged or dry hair

Palm Oil – when combined with other oils, it is mild, cleans well, and saponifies easily

Cocoa Butter – holds moisture to the skin, making it a good skin softener

Nettle Root / Leaf Extract has a high iron and vitamin C content, it is know for its anti-inflammatory action, and also a traditional cure for dandruff, falling, dry and lifeless hair

Burdock Root Extract, in hair care formulations reduces scalp irritation, controls sebum, combats dandruff and promotes healthy hair growth

Aloe Vera Extract, a natural skin moisturizers used to soothe dry and irritated scalp

Glycerine aids in retaining moisture into the hair

Grapefruit Seed Extract – natural antibiotic that has antiseptic and antioxidant properties. Used as a natural preservative. Very beneficial for dandruff problems making hair shiny.


Lemon – a good cleanser for any kind of hair, especially greasy one

Orange – leaves your hair with refreshing, uplifting and zesty feeling

Litsea – good hair tonic

Shampoo weight: 8oz/240ml
Price: $12.50



Peppermint – anti-inflammatory, refreshing and very effective on greasy hair

Rosemary – good for dandruff, greasy hair and hair growth

Shampoo weight: 8oz/240ml
Price: $12.50



Lavender – promotes a cell growth and balances sebum production

Geranium –very good cleanser and can help with dandruff

Shampoo weight: 8oz/240ml
Price: $12.50


Bath and Body Oil (to Rejuvenate Your Face and Body)



Jasmine is reputed as an aphrodisiac

Lavender has relaxing and balancing properties

Mandarin has balancing and cleansing properties, very relaxing, good for stretch marks

Orange is encouraging a mood of joy and sensuality

Patchouli is reputed as an aphrodisiac of magical power

Rose Geranium helps reduce stress

Sandalwood has aphrodisiac, purifying and relaxing properties

Ylang Ylang has calming, euphoric and soothing properties


Almond Oil has excellent penetrating properties and is beneficial to all skin types. 

Grapeseed Oil is light, odorless and easily absorbed into the skin.

Hazelnut Oil is one of the most highly unsaturated vegetable oils, it is absorbed easily into the skin.

Jojoba Oil contains mysteric acid, proteins and callogen like protein.

Sunflower Oil contains vitamin E and is very high in linoleic acid

Wheat Germ oil is rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins, especially vitamin E. Excellent for aging skin, wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks.


Body Oil weight: 4oz/120ml
Price: $15.50

This formula was created to provide deep penetrating nutrients that  hydrate  to keep skin moisturized.

Special creation of high quality carrier and essential oils smoothes the skin and helps to avoid the development of stretch marks. Helps to keep the skin elastic by penetrating and hydrating it.  Can be used to moisturize daily and bring life back to your skin. Rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins this body oil keeps the skin supple and is excellent to any skin care regime.

Aphrodite Body Oil


Bath Oil weight: 4oz/120ml
Price: $15.50

Rich in natural essential oils and nutrients, bath oil is an ideal way to pamper tired skin and provide an extra bit of everyday luxury. A soak in our natural bath oil is guarantee to leave skin feeling smooth, hydrate and healthy. What better way then nature’s very own?

How to use Bath Oil? Use a cap or 1 tsp full under running water for a relaxing bath. The oils are readily absorbed into the skin to nourish & moisturize.
Recommended shelf life: 6 months

Sensual Bath Oil
Bath and Body oils are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women

Shea Nut Body Butter

Shea Nut Butter


Shea Body Butter weight: 2oz/60ml
Price: $12.00

Naturally rich in vitamins A, E & F which are some essential vitamins needed for good skin balance

Hemp Seed Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids, ability to cleanse and nourish the skin

Borage Oil: High content of linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid,

Theses two oils, Hemp & Borage, are wonderful when combined with intensive moisturizers like Shea Nut Butter to create luscious moisturizing butter. Great on the skin and scalp as intensive moisturizing treatment, in the bath for moisturizing soak

Shea Butter can be used directly on the face and body as an intensive treatment to soothe very dry or irritated skin (eczema, psoriasis, sunburns), for an enhanced protection in colder times, or as a night repair cream. Excellent for rough elbows, heels, knees and knuckles, eliminates razor rash and acts as a natural SPF (sun protection factor) of approx 6.

This amazing butter can be used as a dry scalp treatment that leaves a thin, long lasting layer that seals in moisture and prevents dryness.

How to use on body?
Rub and melt a small quantity of Shea Butter (a knob of it) in the hand and massage it well on the skin of face or body until fully absorbed.

How to use on scalp?
Place a small amount on finger tips and rub fingers together, apply sparingly to scalp and hair. Massage. Leave it for a 20 minutes or longer  before washing.  Use daily as desired.

How to wash hair after Shea Butter treatment?
On a dry hair apply shampoo (for better results we recommend our 100% natural shampoo) and rub over your hair, then wet the hair, and wash as usual 2-3 times.

Solid Lotion Bar (Dry Skin Repair)

Solid Lotion Bar


Solid Lotion Bar weight: 1oz/30g
Price: $10

A solid Lotion Bar is a pure and natural hand and body butter made with skin-loving ingredients: Beeswax, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Almond oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Essential Oil.
Natural moisturizing plant oils and exotic tropical butters are combined in a unique formula that is solid at room temperature.  

-When you rub the lotion bar between your hands, your body temperature melts a small amount and the natural plant oils are quickly absorbed to leave your skin feeling soft and silky.  

-You can also rub the lotion bar directly on very dry areas like heels, knees and elbows!

-Apply a light layer on the skin and let it sit.   It may feel a bit "greasy" at first, but the natural ingredients will quickly be absorbed and your skin will feel soft, smooth and protected.

-At bedtime rub the bar into those dry, cracked areas like heels, elbows, knees, cuticles, finger tips, and even your lips, allowing the skin to absorb the moisturizing ingredients overnight.

-Throw it in your purse, pocket, drawer, glove box, or tool box.  A little goes a long way!

Our lotion bars create a unique moisture barrier to help heal dry skin, and are perfect for those who wash their hands frequently; those with dry hands; or anyone who wants their hands to feel soft and smooth.  Our lotion bar is also great for feet, heels, legs, arms - anywhere your skin feels dry.

Hemp Intensive Moisturizing Lotion

Hemp Lotion

Hemp Lotion weight: 4oz/120ml
Price: $14.50

Luxuries, yet lightweight and highly- concentrated with natural plant essential nutrients. This body and hand lotion combats the effects of an aggressive environment, reducing the signs of dryness and roughness as it re-hydrates.

Enriched with natural plant essential skin conditioners that imparts skin with soft and smooth, luminous appearance. Unrefined Hemp and Avocado Oil renew and restore skin to become soft and silky smooth.

This Lotion is light and non-greasy solution that will penetrate your skin and deliver rich natural properties.

Lusty Lip Balm

Lusty Lip Balm

Lip Balm weight: 4g
Price: $4.25

Rich in essential fatty acids, Hemp Seed Oil makes a premium therapeutic lip balm which will work to penetrate into the lips, moisturizing and leaving them feeling soft and supple.

Instant Relief from Dry Chapped  Lips and Long Lasting Protection from Dryness.